Community Guidelines

This Community Guidelines (“Guideline”) contains overall use and guidelines of NURITOPIA and its services, provided by NuriFlex Holdings Inc. and/or Nuriworld DMCC.

NURITOPIA is a platform that empowers users, creators, and builders to connect and create beyond physical boundaries. We want our community to thrive on our platform with the many features we provide to support their creativity, free expression, and meaningful connections.

However, when it comes to providing a safe environment for our community, NURITOPIA has strict guidelines. At NURITOPIA, we do not allow content or conduct that impedes other user's safety.

Our Community Guidelines apply to all content, behavior, and interactions in our platform, including but not limited : ID, profile, hashtags, comments, feed, posts, live streams, video (and video descriptions), and any other NURITOPIA product or feature, as well as external links that direct users to other sites or forms, and etc.

We are committed to being transparent, fair, and firm in our enforcement of Community Guidelines, grounded by our key policy values of safety, inclusion, diversity, dignity, and creativity.

Minority Safety

Minors' protection and safety are NURITOPIA's key priority. Violation of minor safety policy is one of the most serious violations of NURITOPIA's community guidelines. NURITOPIA bans sexual, suggestive, or abusive content involving minors under the age of 18 (or younger where applicable by jurisdiction), or someone who appears to be a minor, including NURITOPIA avatars.

We will immediately and permanently ban accounts that engage in Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA) and report instances of child sexual exploitation, grooming, and illegal content to authorities.

We will also take off-platform behaviors into consideration when reviewing accounts for Community Guidelines violations if we become aware of harmful behaviors toward minors off-platform with credible evidence.

Prohibited activities :

  • post, share, or solicit any content, including animation or digitally-created or manipulated contents, that depicts abuse, exploitation, or endangerment of minors
  • sexualize minors in any way or glorify or normalize pedophilia
  • engage or attempt to engage with a minor in a sexually explicit conversation
  • lead minors off-platform or request personal information of a minor
  • engage in predatory conduct or grooming behaviors
  • post, share, or request links to third-party sites that host child sexual exploitation material
  • share content that depicts cyberbullying or harassment involving minors in an insensitive or mocking tone
  • share content that encourages dangerous acts and pranks involving minors that can lead to physical, mental, or emotional harm to minors
  • depict, promote, normalize or glorify underage consumption & possession of regulated goods (alcohol, drugs, vapes, tobacco)

Sexual Activities and Nudity

We want to create a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for our community. Therefore, we do not allow sexually explicit content. This rule applies to real-world content, digitally created content, and content featuring NURITOPIA avatars.

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Sharing of content that promotes, normalizes or glorifies non-consensual sexual acts, sexual violence, or sex trafficking is strictly prohibited. We will immediately and permanently ban any account that posts and shares non-consensual intimate media.

Nudity and Adult Sexual Activities

Posting pornographic, mature, explicit, and sexually suggestive content is prohibited. In certain cases, we may make exceptions for nudity for artistic, educational, and medical content.

Prohibited activities :

  • post or share non-consensual sexual acts and non-consensual intimate media
  • post content that promotes, normalizes, or glorifies sexual violence
  • post adult nudity
  • post adult sexual solicitation
  • post explicit or implied depictions of sexual activity or nudity for the purpose of sexual gratification
  • post animated or illustrated pornography, sex acts, or fetish content
  • post sexually explicit content or engage in sexually suggestive behaviors within platform features, including the content or conducts that involve NURITOPIA avatars
  • post, share, or request links to third-party sites hosting pornographic content

Suicide and Self-Harm

We care deeply about the health and well-being of all members of our community, including our users, creators, and builders. We recognize the importance of raising awareness for mental health and understand sharing stories of contemplating self-harm can help people get the support they need.

But we are mindful of the impact that content on suicide or self-harm may have on those who view them and therefore limit the content that could inadvertently encourage suicide or self-harm.

We define suicide as the act of taking one's life. We define self-harm to include committing acts of self-injury and eating disorders.

We do not allow content that depicts, encourages, routinizes, or glorifies dangerous behavior that could lead to suicide, self-harm, or disability, including graphic images or digital depictions of self-harm. We do not allow sensitive or hurtful content and conduct targeting people who died by suicide, people who self-harm, or suicide survivors.

If you are struggling with suicide, self-harm thoughts, or know someone seriously considering suicide, we recommend immediately contacting your local emergency services or suicide prevention organization. We may alert local emergency services if we identify immediate and credible threats of suicide or self-harm.

Prohibited activities :

  • promote, glorify, or normalize suicide or self-harm
  • provide instructions on suicide or self-harm
  • post graphic content or descriptions of suicide or self-harm


We prioritize creating a welcoming environment for our community and do not allow threats and incitement of violence to prevent real-world harm. We do not allow gore or graphic content that can shock or disgust viewers.

Threats of Violence and Violent Conduct

We do not allow threats, incitement, or glorification of violence or violent conduct. We do not allow content or behaviors that harm or threaten the safety of others. When we identify credible threats of violence that can lead to real-world harm, we may alert law enforcement agencies.

Violent, Sensitive, and Graphic content

We do not allow content that is excessively gory, offensive, or violent with elements of shock, cruelty, extreme violence, serious abuse, or harassment.

Prohibited activities :

  • threaten to kill, seriously hurt, or assault others
  • incite or coordinate violence against people or property
  • glorify, promote, condone, or express support for violent crimes, violent events, or violent acts
  • post or share graphic or gory content with the intention to shock or disgust others (e.g. animal abuse, human torture, injuries, or death)

Dangerous Activities and Dangerous Organizations

We care about the safety of our community on and off our platform. Therefore, we do not allow content that encourages dangerous acts, extremist ideology, and organizations.

Dangerous Acts and Challenges

We do not allow content that promotes, depicts, encourages, or glorifies dangerous acts (e.g. amateur stunts, dangerous challenges, dares, etc) that may lead to serious injury, death, or damage to property. We also do not allow health misinformation that can potentially cause significant health risks.

Terrorism and Extremism

We have a zero-tolerance policy toward organizations, individuals, or content on our platform that promote or engage in violence, terrorism, or extremism. We do not allow members of terrorist organizations, hate groups, criminal organizations, and gangs on our platform, regardless of their content.

Prohibited activities :

  • encourage or share instructions to perform dangerous acts
  • glorify, promote, condone, or express support for terrorist organizations, hate groups, criminal organizations, or gangs

Hateful activities

We are committed to providing a safe venue for self-expression, meaningful connections, and creativity. We support viewpoint diversity based on civility, respect, and inclusivity.

NURITOPIA is not a place for hateful activities. We define hateful activities as content, speech or behavior that attacks, degrades, demeans, incites violence against, excludes, or dehumanizes people on the basis of the following protected characteristics:

  • age, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religion, socio-economic status/caste, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, serious disease and medical conditions, immigration status, familial status, weight, pregnancy, and etc.

Prohibited activities :

  • attack, degrade, demean, incite violence against, exclude, or dehumanize people based on their protected characteristics
  • promote, glorify or support any hateful ideology or hate crimes

Harassment and Bullying

We do not allow content, behavior, or conduct targeted to shame, mock, humiliate, harass, threaten or bully others into silence and intimidation across all our features and products. Do not use your avatars to harass or stalk others.

No means no, whether it is expressed directly or indirectly, verbally or with gestures. If another user tells you to stop, blocks you or runs away from you in NURITOPIA, consider that as a no and stop your behavior.

We allow critical commentary of public figures and discussions on matters of public interest, but do not allow serious threats or abusive speech (e.g. sexual harassment) against public figures.

Prohibited activities :

  • harass, bully, stalk, intimidate other users
  • threaten, blackmail or force other users to reveal personal information or account information
  • make false Community Guideline violation reports to harass or threaten other users
  • attempt, glorify, normalize or promote sexual harassment or unwanted sexual contact
  • expose, or threaten to expose, a person's sexual orientation or gender identity without their consent
  • mock victims or family members of victims of tragic events with loss of human lives or human tragedy

Illegal Activities, Regulated Goods and Services

We restrict transactions, promotions or solicitations of illegal or regulated goods and services on our platform. We respect and abide by local laws wherever we operate, and we require our community to do the same. We may restrict sales or transactions of goods and services unapproved by NURITOPIA, regardless of legality.

The list of goods, services, and items restricted under this policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • drugs and controlled substances
  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • alcohol/tobacco, including e-cigarettes and vapes
  • counterfeit goods and services
  • human trafficking, human exploitation
  • endangered species
  • sexual services
  • stolen goods
  • fraudulent services
  • weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, bombs (including instructions to make them)
  • personal data and personally identifiable information (e.g., full name, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, unique identifiers, social security information, national identification number, or any other personally identifiable information)

Platform Integrity

We provide our community with freedom of identity in the virtual space with our avatar-based services. But with freedom comes responsibility. We do not allow any content, behaviors, or activities that may undermine our platform's integrity and user safety.


NURITOPIA allows you to be whoever you want to be, unconstrained by the boundaries of the physical world, with avatars that may or may not look like you in real life.

However, we do not allow impersonation with the intent to harm, cheat, or deceive others with abusive, predatory, or financial motives.

We strictly ban inappropriate or deceptive interactions to groom, deceive, or lead minors off-platform. We do now allow accounts that impersonate private individuals, NURITOPIA related employees or misrepresent their affiliation with any organization. Parody and fan accounts of celebrities are acceptable with an explicit indication on the profile and username.

Fake Engagement

We do not allow any content or activity that seeks to boost popularity and engagement through artificial, inorganic, or fraudulent means.


We do not allow harmful or malicious misinformation or disinformation that incites hate, induces panic, undermines civic integrity, causes harm to physical health, or denies the occurrence of tragic events. We take down content with false information regardless of intent if the impact is harmful.

Spam, Fraud, and Scams

We do not allow scams, spams, or any fraudulent tactic to deceive or coerce others to send money or game point or negatively affect user experience. False advertisements, including on game point or coin sales and purchases, are strictly forbidden on or off-platform. We do not allow any offer or solicitation to distribute or acquire game point, coins, avatar, etc other than through direct purchasing from the NURITOPIA qualifying events or activities.

Platform Security

We prohibit any attempt to compromise the security, reliability, and safe user experience on our platform, including but not limited to, attempts to hack, distribute files or links containing viruses or harmful content, use automated means (e.g. macro programs, robots, bots, etc) to disturb the user experience and sharing of NURITOPIA account information with others.

Prohibited activities :

  • pretend to be somebody else to mislead or deceive others
  • engage in any activity to increase popularity in fake, inorganic, inauthentic methods, including the use of third-party apps to generate inauthentic likes, comments, and followers
  • share harmful false information
  • trade or acquire NURITOPIA virtual goods (e.g. game points, items, etc) outside the NURITOPIA platform or platforms approved by NURITOPIA
  • solicit, promote, offer, or seek avatar customization services outside official events, partnerships or projects sponsored, commissioned, endorsed or hosted by NURITOPIA
  • spam with unwanted messaging, comments, or any other type of commercial or repetitive communications
  • defraud or scam others
  • hack, introduce cyber security threats, or undermine the security or reliability of the NURITOPIA platform and our user experience
  • share or request NURITOPIA login credentials between other users
  • buy, sell, or solicit trading of NURITOPIA accounts


We ask that you respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights. We remove content that engages in copyright and trademark infringements.

If you see any activity or content that violates our community guidelines, our Terms of Use, or any of our other policies, please report it to us. Content that violates our community guidelines will be removed. We may also temporarily ban accounts based on the severity of violations.

We permanently ban accounts that repeatedly violate our community guidelines. We have a zero-tolerance policy for some violations, meaning one violation will lead to an immediate and permanent ban of the account. Zero-tolerance violations include, but are not limited to, sharing of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), non-consensual intimate imagery, credible threat of violence that can cause real-world physical harm, or terrorist content.

Our Community Guidelines will evolve in consultation with our safety partners and experts to better protect our community. We will do our best to keep our community informed of changes in the Guidelines. We also ask that you do your part to keep NURITOPIA safe by reading the Guidelines and abiding by them.

This Guideline is effective from June 30, 2023, 12:00AM (UTC)